your mouth and nose with a wet towel ? Why do children

your mouth and nose with a wet towel ? Why do children

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(2) to guide the children to think about which children can be teachers and call 119 together with the children, and let the children give their home address. Why cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel? Why do children have to follow one by one?

While the baby swimming pool of Jiujiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital is equipped with professional nursing staff, the aseptic operation is strictly carried out, and the nursing staff carry out hand hygiene disinfection before coming into contact with the baby; bath water and bath film are used and replaced one by one; towels and bath towels are sterilized by professional disinfection centers to ensure the hygiene and safety of bathrooms.

(1) Clean the face with flowing water within 1-7 days after the change of fruit acid, use only flowing water to clean the face every day, use clean and clean dry towels to absorb the residual water from the face, and do not touch the face forcefully, the reason is that after the change of fruit acid, the facial skin is more unbearable, touching the face hard to damage the facial skin, so the cleansing action after the change of fruit acid must be gentle.

If careful netizens open the official website of the local market supervision administration or inquire about the relevant reports, they can find that many quality supervision bureaus or relevant inspection institutions are doing spot checks on towel products. Although the research areas are different, it is amazing that many of the problems exposed in the spot check reports in many places are the same, so which are the common problems in quality assessment?

(3) the caregivers of each class brought fire extinguishers to simulate fire fighting as quickly as possible. At the same time, teachers organized the children in this class to cover their noses with wet towels, walk or crawl along the cat waist, under the command of evacuation guides on each floor, evacuate to the kindergarten plastic playground in an orderly manner according to the scheduled route. (after the fire is put out, the nurse organizes the toddler to evacuate the fire.)

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