page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying

page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying

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The eyes are in contact with the outside world and are easily infected by various germs. during the epidemic, more attention should be paid to helping children develop the good habit of not rubbing their eyes by hand, because there are a large number of germs on the hands, and rubbing the eyes is tantamount to “planting” the germs directly on the eyes. The good habit of not rubbing the eyes can keep the red eye and other infectious eye diseases in summer out of the “eyes”. Also pay attention not to share towels, swimming goggles and other items with others to prevent contagion. Order one or two drops of antibiotic eye drops after swimming to prevent infection.

Or, for example, on the following page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying woman to dry her tears. Such a simple picture tells a story and leads to four Chinese characters. Children can learn Chinese characters by telling stories with their parents.

page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying

Disinfection should be part of the daily work of the kindergarten, and it is very necessary to make disinfection records. Therefore, we adhere to the sanitary disinfection and isolation system, strictly disinfect towels, toys, books, air, etc., and disinfect towels for children every day. In order to reduce the occurrence of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, we open doors and windows early every morning to ensure that the air is fresh and clean, and air disinfection is carried out regularly. Plastic toys are soaked in 84 disinfectant and exposed to the sun once a week, and the environment is cleaned once a week. Sweep or mop it once in the morning and evening Toilet and cleaning tools are soaked in disinfectant once a week, etc. Our park has also established a whole set of sanitary disinfection system, and strictly compared with the system to do a good job in all kinds of disinfection work, so as to achieve: regular disinfection of toys and building blocks, all kinds of articles, responsibility to people, responsibility to class, thus greatly improving the quality of sanitary disinfection in our garden, preventing and controlling the occurrence of infectious diseases, and making our children grow up healthily and lively.

I hope parents can find anti-mosquito methods suitable for their babies. If their children are accidentally bitten, mothers should use towels or handkerchiefs to cold compress their babies. Finally, I hope you can spend a mosquito-free summer!

02 A family sharing daily necessities actually has a lot of family life more or less sharing daily necessities, such as combs, soaps, towels and so on. In fact, these things are not suitable for sharing, because there are many pathogenic microbes in our bodies, which can be spread through various ways, and sharing daily necessities can make one person sick and the whole family.

page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying

Keep your promise and give gifts to those who come, but the gifts are more advanced, such as towels, teacups and so on. And will tell the villagers who come to receive the prize: come on time tomorrow, there will be free things to send, limited to 100 people.

Furthermore, the hanging feature of these wash bags makes them particularly useful. Equipped with a durable hook, they can be hung on a variety of surfaces such as towel racks, bathroom doors, or even tree branches when camping. This not only keeps the wash bag off potentially unsanitary surfaces but also offers easy access to all your grooming products without the need to unpack and repack every time.

3. Maintain good hygiene and healthy habits. Often open windows and do a good job in cleaning the indoor floor. Do not share towels, do not spit everywhere, oral and nasal secretions are wrapped in paper towels and placed in covered dustbins. Pay attention to nutrition and adhere to moderate exercise. Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals.

page, the man smiles and hands a towel to the crying

3. Dry the potatoes: After washing, gently pat the potatoes dry using a clean kitchen towel. This step is important as excess moisture can affect the cooking process.

1, science: anti-hair loss shampoo should choose appropriate anti-hair loss products, shampoo and water temperature between 30 degrees and 40 degrees is the best. After washing, you can gently pat with a thick towel, but do not wipe, it is best to let the hair dry naturally.

two。 Personal Hygiene Products. Due to the epidemic, the daily necessities originally used by students have been stored for too long. Students are advised to reprepare themselves, such as washbasins, towels, tooth cups, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and other personal cleaning products.